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ATI Foundation Helps Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Bedroom and bathroom makeover will accommodate accessibility needs

In December of 2013, the ATI Foundation got the “wrecking-ball” rolling with a campaign to raise funds for Wilmington, DE resident Derek Baumann.  Derek, age 11, was born with cerebral palsy and following additional complications from birth, suffered kidney damage and bleeding on the brain among other multiple health issues.

In May, 2013 he had a kidney transplant, for which his dad was the donor.  After several months in and out of the hospital, Derek is now home and requires full-time care for his multiple physical conditions.  His parents have committed to provide him with this care in their home.  However, his age, continued growth and size have made it impossible for Derek’s parents to care for him in his second floor bedroom and bathroom.  Currently, Derek resides on the first floor, with no access to a bathroom with a shower or bathtub.  In addition to managing his care, Derek’s parents have limited income due to job loss through company downsizing.

Last year, the ATI Foundation launched its first annual “Holiday Kids Campaign” to raise funds for Derek’s makeover, in addition to six other children in need of medical funding to enhance their quality of life. The campaign was a collaborative effort between the ATI Foundation and the clinics of ATI Physical Therapy.  With the support of patients, staff and local community members, over $16,000 was donated to help the beneficiaries of the “Holiday Kids Campaign.”  

Initially, Derek’s renovation project started out as a small effort to turn an existing sunroom and small bathroom into a bedroom and handicap accessible bathroom, with an estimated cost around $10,000 or less.  Due to many unforeseen circumstances related to the age of the home, foundation, etc., the project became more involved and had to include additional planning, permits, and construction in order for the renovation to meet the structure of the house and needs for Derek and his family.  Not wanting to give up on the project, the ATI Foundation and its supporters, including Loberg Construction from Rolling Meadows, IL, have worked hard to gain additional in-kind support of time and materials from all those now involved in the project. 

“We are proud to help Derek and his family with this major renovation, as we know it will make an immediate day-to-day impact on helping Derek get the care he needs,” says Terry Williams, Director of the ATI Foundation. “This project was originally set to be smaller in nature, but as we all know, things don’t always go as planned.  So, what was originally planned as a $10,000 project tripled in expense and depth to a $38,000 total expense.  As a Foundation, we had committed to helping Derek and we were not going to let the additional expenses keep up from helping a child in need.”

With the funds raised and donated by the ATI Foundation, the in-kind support from Ernie Loberg Construction , Kolbrook Design and various sub-contractors from Derek’s hometown, plus a some heartfelt planning, Derek’s room renovation is now underway!  In just three short weeks, Derek will have a first floor bedroom to accommodate his hospital-grade bed and other necessary medical equipment, plus a bathroom that is completely accessible for Derek, his family and his caretakers . . . all at no cost to Derek’s parents.

"As Derek gets older and bigger, it is becoming tremendously difficult to take care of his needs, taking him up to the bed and bath on the second floor of our home," says Derek's mother, Michelle.  "Having a fully accessible bedroom and bathroom on the first floor will alleviate the physical strain on us, along with it being a lot safer than carrying him up and down the stairs.  We are ever so grateful to the ATI Foundation for making this happen for us!"

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This November, the ATI Foundation will kick off its annual “Holiday Kids Campaign” and will increase the number of beneficiaries to nine.  To support the ATI Foundation and kids like Derek, visit any ATI Physical Therapy location or visit www.atifoundation.com and click the “Donate Now” button.

For more information about the ATI Foundation, contact Director Terry Williams at terry.williams@atipt.com.

Read Derek's Story Here: http://www.atipt.com/ati-foundation/beneficiaries/derek

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Founded in 2003 by ATI Physical Therapy, the ATI Foundation was created as a way for ATI employees and patients to give back to the community. ATI is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing the highest quality of care in a friendly and encouraging environment. The ATI Foundation strives to build off this commitment to quality care by giving to those in need, sharing our expertise and resources, and improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries within the communities we serve. Our efforts are focused on communities where ATI employees and patients live, work, and serve. Our goal is to serve as a community partner focused on helping those in need. We give back to our local communities through funding and by providing additional resources necessary to enhance the quality of life of our beneficiaries.