17:00 PM

ATI Honors Firefighters and Police on 9/11

This week, as the country remembers the tragedy and heroism of 9/11, ATI is taking time to deliver a special thank you to local firefighters and police for their courage and selfless dedication to protect and save lives.

As a token of appreciation, ATI is delivering over 1,500 pizza lunches to fire and police stations throughout communities in the 16 states it serves.

"Each day, these men and women devote their lives to us, not knowing what the day may bring or what danger they may face,” said Mark Lupo, Chief Marketing Officer, ATI Physical Therapy. "It is a privilege to take a few moments to honor them, thank them, and let them know we greatly value their efforts."

This annual tradition began four years ago and continues to grow as ATI expands services and coverage throughout the United States. ATI is proud to provide physical therapy and work conditioning services to firefighters and police in need of rehabilitation to help them safely return to work and optimal health.