17:00 PM

ATI Honors Local Police and Firefighters on Anniversary of 9/11

This week, our nation is remembering the tragic events that took place thirteen years ago on 9/11.  To honor local police and firefighters for their daily courage and selfless commitment to protect and save the lives of those in their communities, ATI is hosting hundreds of lunches at police and fire stations throughout the 10 states we serve. 

"Each day, these men and women go to work not knowing what the day may bring.  Without a second thought, they dedicate their lives to protect and serve ours," said Mark Lupo, Chief Marketing Officer, ATI Physical Therapy. "It is our pleasure to take a few moments to honor them, and let them know their efforts are greatly valued."

In total, lunches will be served to 284 stations, honoring over 6,300 police and firefighters.

ATI is proud to provide physical therapy and work conditioning services to police and firefighters in need of rehabilitation to help return them to work and optimal health.