09:50 AM

ATI Physical Therapy Debuts First National Social Video

ATI Physical Therapy, one of the largest and fastest growing physical therapy companies in the U.S., debuted two versions of its first, national social video today reinforcing the company’s commitment of being “Here for You” when it matters most. The concept of the videos highlights how physical therapy can help individuals overcome certain limitations to accomplish their goal. Certain goals that many of us might take for granted on a daily basis, like communicating, might present different challenges for others.

“Everyone that comes to ATI for physical therapy has a goal. They might want to be able to lift their grandchild or run a marathon or be able to take care of themselves unassisted. With these videos, we wanted to show that whatever your goal might be, we are here for you to help you reach it,” said Cliff M. O’Neal, director of Corporate Communications. “With more than 800 clinics in 25 states, it was also important for these videos to show the diversity of our customers and our workforce. We take great pride in the fact that we proudly serve every community within the communities where we work and live.”

These first two videos, entitled “the Proposal”, are the first in a series that will be produced showing the many different treatment options and services available to consumers and the important role physical therapy can play in getting people back to their everyday life.

The Proposal Episode 1

The Proposal Episode 2

With 27 states, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands allowing access to physical therapy services without a prescription, physical therapy could be a realistic first healthcare option many consumers could take to help alleviate pain or discomfort. By having direct access to physical therapy without a prescription, consumers are able to obtain an evaluation and treatment with some provisions, such as a time or visit limit, or referral requirement for a specific treatment intervention.