17:00 PM

ATI Physical Therapy Hosts Annual “Kickoff Week”

Event Prepares Athletic Trainers for Sports Emergencies

Each time our athletic trainers are on the field or court with their athletes, they never know what they may face – a minor cut, an injured knee, or something more serious.

For this reason, 200 ATI athletic trainers are participating in the annual “Kickoff  Week.”  The program is designed to sharpen their medical skills with educational seminars and hands-on instruction addressing hot topics in the field of sports medicine including: concussion management, emergency response, acute injuries, CPR and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

A unique feature of the week is ATI’s Third Annual National Sports Medicine Summit, a two-day educational conference featuring more than 40 presenters.  Nationally-recognized orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers and occupational therapists present information on the latest operative and non-operative rehabilitation techniques and treatment interventions.

Additionally, the week’s training includes In 2 Minutes or Less!®, a hands-on, true-to-life sports emergency management program, and interactive instruction on Kiniesiotaping.

“The safety of our athletes is the most important part of our job,” says Katie Varnado, Midwest Director of Sports Medicine, ATI Physical Therapy.  “Our annual kickoff gives our athletic trainers the advanced knowledge and hands-on training they need to respond efficiently and appropriately, giving our athletes the highest level of care.”

The athletic trainers of ATI Sports Medicine are certified healthcare professionals who work with athletes at all levels of their sports. Athletic trainers are specialists in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. In addition to being present at games and practices to treat acute injuries, athletic trainers work closely with players, coaches, parents and physicians to improve the overall health of athletes and prevent future injuries.

ATI Physical Therapy is one of the largest employers of athletic trainers in the nation with over 220 sports medicine affiliations with professional, collegiate, high school and club sport athletic programs.  ATI is a nationally-recognized provider of orthopedic rehabilitation services specializing in physical therapy, sports medicine, work conditioning/hardening, hand therapy, aquatic therapy, and women’s health.

Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, ATI currently operates over 300 clinics in ten states: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee and Georgia. Founded in 1996, the company has flourished, and has maintained the personal “small town customer service” philosophy that is essential to rehabilitate patients to their fullest extent possible. 

For a complete list of ATI’s sports medicine affiliations, clinic locations and services, visit www.atipt.com.