15:59 PM

ATI Physical Therapy Launches Industry’s First Patient Experience Mobile App

In an ongoing effort to provide patients with immediate, on-the-go access to their physical therapy experience, ATI Physical Therapy, the nation’s largest physical therapy provider, today announces the launch of the patient-facing ATIpt Mobile App. An industry first, the ATIpt mobile app is designed to provide patients direct access to their treatment experience from home, work or on the go. The app is available at no cost through both the Apple store and Google Play store.

“The launch of our mobile app is a tremendous milestone for our organization and the PT industry,” said Simon Thomas, ATI’s chief information officer. “By enabling our patients with on-the-go access to a wide range of resources to enhance their treatment experience, they will now have the convenience to explore and further engage with their physical therapy program - which will surely help advance treatment outcomes.”

ATI’s mobile app is seamlessly integrated into the ATI Connect patient experience portal, allowing patients unrestricted access to their treatment progress, goals and personalized home exercises. Patients will also have the ability to sync appointments to their mobile device calendar.

“Providing an application that serves not only to improve the patient experience, but change the face of how patients and clinics collaborate was a major goal of this project,” added Thomas. "For example, a unique feature of the ATI App allows patients to rate each therapy visit, providing ATI with daily actionable data to continuously improve customer service and enhance employee training."

To view the full list of features and benefits offered through the ATIpt Mobile App, please visit the official mobile app page on the ATI website.

For patients who are not able to access the mobile app, they can still access their treatment program through the web-based ATI Connect portal. The ATI Connect portal functions similar to the app, so patients can still enjoy the same benefits offered through the mobile app.