17:00 PM

ATI Physical Therapy Presents “ATI Injury Analysts”

In honor of the 2012 international competition of elite athletes taking places this summer, ATI Physical Therapy presents a panel of “ATI Injury Analysts.” These analysts, made up of ATI physical therapists and certified athletic trainers, will provide expert knowledge on common injuries, as well as prevention and treatment information. 

ATI Injury Analysts share their knowledge and advice about sports and common injuries on the “Get There” blog located at www.atiphysicaltherapy.net. The analysts provide information about a different sport, giving readers insight into the world of our elite athletes, from the training they put in to the injuries they have to battle on a daily basis.  

Here is a sneak preview of our blog post focusing on field hockey injuries: (Look for it live on our “Get There” blog on August 10!)

“Our ATI Injury Analyst Seth Eisenberg, a physical therapist at our Doylestown, Pa., clinic, says field hockey players primarily suffer from acute injuries, which are trauma-type injuries that result from a one-time event.

‘It’s a rough sport,” Seth says. “I’ve seen a lot of contusions and bruises from that ball, and unfortunately, there’s no real way to prevent those in-play injuries.’”

In addition to posting on the “Get There” blog, ATI Injury Analysts plan to share information and insight on the ATI Physical Therapy Facebook page and Twitter account.

If you are looking for the expert opinion of an ATI Injury Analyst to use in a story or profile, please contact Abby Stollar, Public Relations Coordinator, at 302-561-1133 or Kim Waterman, Public Relations Manager, at 630-220-4083.