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ATI Physical Therapy Rising Sun Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On Wednesday, July 17, ATI Physical Therapy in Rising Sun hosts its tenth anniversary celebration. The clinic, located at 52 Rising Sun Town Center, will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for tours, a meet-and-greet with clinic staff, and light refreshments.

ATI Rising Sun has a long history with this community. In July 2003, ATI Physical Therapy, formerly PRO Physical Therapy, first opened its doors in the community. Tom Ballenger, the current clinic director, first came to ATI in Rising Sun in September 2003 and has stayed ever since. 

“I stay here because I enjoy the people of Rising Sun that we get to treat,” Ballenger said. “They’re motivating, kind, and caring people. They’ll stop back long after treatment’s over just to say ‘hi’ or to bring the staff pizza for lunch.” 

The Rising Sun staff makes a targeted effort to support the local community where its patients and staff live and work. ATI sponsors the Rising Sun Health Fair each year, bringing together healthcare providers and vendors to offer free health screenings and resources to community members. In addition, ATI has supported the Royals Little League team, the Rising Sun Parade, and Sunfest. In 2010, ATI was very involved with Rising Sun’s 150th anniversary celebration.

In 2012, Ballenger found out that one of his patients, Ed Meekins, had a niece Riley who suffers from primary pulmonary hypertension. He immediately suggested that Meekins contact the ATI Foundation, which exists to help children with physical impairments. Ballenger and Meekins worked together on the Foundation application process, and Riley later received funds to aid in her medical expenses. 

The clinic’s commitment to the community has led to major growth. Although the clinic opened with only one full-time physical therapist, the staff has grown to include three full-time physical therapists, three physical therapist assistants, and two front office coordinators. In addition, the clinic expanded in December 2010, doubling in size and giving the staff space to offer F.I.R.S.T., the company’s nationally-recognized work conditioning and hardening program.

“We love Rising Sun,” said Sharon Gregory, Business Development Director for ATI’s Maryland region. “We’re an integral part of this community, and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with them.”

For more information about the Rising Sun 10th Anniversary Open House, visit our events page or contact Abby Ecker, Public Relations Coordinator, at Abigail.ecker@atipt.com or 302.561.1133.;