17:00 PM

Get Fit Raffle Raises $70,000

For the past five weeks, The ATI Foundation held the annual Get Fit Raffle to raise funds for children with physical impairments. Terry Williams, Director of the ATI Foundation, pulled 36 winning tickets today, including a Cash Grand Prize of $10,000 awarded to Velma Fairbairn of Ilinois; a Fitness Grand Prize (Personal Trainer for a Year) awarded to Alanna Farrugia of Michigan; and many additional cash and wellness related prizes. A special thanks goes out to the Newark Spine location in Delaware for selling more than 200 tickets!

Congratulations to all winners, and a huge thanks to everyone who sold or purchased tickets to make this a successful event.

Cash Grand Prize - $10,000:

  • Velma Fairbiran, IL  

Fitness Grand Prize (Personal Trainer for a year):

  • Alanna Farrugia, MI

$2,500 Cash Prize:

  • George Georgakus, IL

Health Club Memberships:

  • Darlene Cunningham, MD
  • Nancy Herrera, IL
  • Murphy, PA

$1,000 Cash Prize:

  • Ann Marie Droddick, DE

VitaMix 6000 Winners:

  • Byron Dalton, IL
  • Kathy Ulmer, MI

Ninja Kitchen System:

  • Matt Marsico, MI

$500 Cash Prize Winners:

  • Lori Hammer, IL
  • Dorothy Bell, IL
  • Kathy Klein, DE
  • Karen Reynolds, IL
  • Rori Cinders, NJ


  • Timothy Knox, IL

$100 Gift Card to Whole Foods Markets:

  • Spine Care, DE
  • Peco Woods, IL
  • Michelle Scollin, WI
  • Irene Cororrubk, IL
  • Stacey Schorr, MD
  • Pat Sigler, DE
  • Doug Jordan, MD
  • Sharon Phillips, MD
  • Brian T-Leigh, IL
  • Patrick Brooker, IL 

$100 Cash Prize Winners:

  • Margaret Rimbo, IL
  • Keri Agnello, WI
  • Spine Care Staff, DE
  • Brian Pheifer, IL
  • David Hillenmeyer, IL
  • Rosendo Delatone, IL
  • Stacey Talbott, IN
  • Alice Chamberlain, MI
  • A. Stegemann, MD
  • Lauren Turssline, DE