17:00 PM

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Challenge Offered at ATI Naperville East

Test your fitness level and win prizes at the ATI Sports Performance Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Challenge


Saturday, July 27, 2013
Check-in Time: 8 - 8:30am
ATI Naperville East Clinic
1212 S. Naper Blvd
Naperville, Illinois


Entry Fees

$15 - ATI Employee
$20 - Current Sports Performance Client
$30 - General Public
$1 from each registration will benefit the


  • Endurance: 5 Exercises
  • Power: 5 Exercises
  • Overall: 10 Exercises



Tire Pull 300 feet

Vertical jump/broad jump

Farmers walk 200 feet

Medicine ball backward toss

Jump rope 150 forward and backward for time

Chin-ups resisted

Pull-up/push-up 15/15 x 5 minutes

Push-ups resisted

Pit- run full length, down and back 2x

40 yard sprint


3 minute warm-up prior to measurement (body must be warm)

  • Body Fat
    Water intake recommendation for accurate body fat measurements
        • 16oz water 1 hour before bed Friday night and 2 hours prior to event
        • No water or food 1 hour prior to event. A liquid or solid meal can be consumed immediately after body fat measurement is taken and prior to the start of the event.
  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio


  • The power category will have 4 participants in a group and will start 4 minutes apart.
  • The endurance category will have 2 participants in a group and will start 6 minutes apart.
  • If participating in the overall category, then the power exercises will be done first.
  • Overall participants will start after all the endurance participants have started.
  • Each event will have a max time to complete it.
  • There will be 2 minutes between each event after max time allowed. The faster you complete an event, the more rest you have before starting the next one. A big incentive to push harder!
  • Wrist straps are not allowed in any event.

Exercise Descriptions:


  • Tire Pull - Alternate pulling a 100lb tire forward and backward over 300’ for time. Max time allowed is 2 minutes. The tire must pass through the cones before turning around. Hands are not allowed to touch the ground. Any contact to the ground with hands will be the ending distance.
  • Farmers walk - While holding weights in each hand, walk a maximum distance. Minimum distance to get completion points is 200 feet. You must pass cones before turning around. Men: 100lb dumbbells, Women: 50lb dumbbells.
  • Jump rope - Jump 150 revolutions forward and 150 revolutions backward for a total of 300 revolutions for time. Max time allowed is 4 minutes to complete the 300 revolutions.
  • Pull-up/push-up 15/15 - Alternate between pull-ups and push-ups performed in an interval formant of 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off, for a total of 5 minutes. Total reps from both exercises will be added together. Reps must be completed before buzzer.
  • Pit Run - Run from one end of the pit to the other twice for time. You must pass through the cones at each end before turning around.


  • Vertical and Broad jump - Jump as high and far as possible. Measured in inches. Two attempts
  • Medicine Ball backward toss -Throw a medicine ball backwards for distance. Distance is rounded down to the nearest 6 inches. Two attempts. Men: 6kg, Women: 4kg
      • Example: 20’-3” will be measured as 20’
  • Chin-ups resisted - Perform pull-ups with resistance. Men:3x 24kg; Women:3x 8kg
  • Push-ups resisted - Perform pushups with resistance. Men: 3x 100lbs; Women: 3x 40lbs
  • 40 Yard Sprint - Sprint 40 yards. Time will be recorded electronically.

For more information, contact Keith Tesch at Keith.Tesch@atipt.com