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“Kick-off Week” Prepares ATI Athletic Trainers for Sport Emergencies

As athletes across the nation get ready for the fall sports season, ATI Sports Medicine is preparing for the year with its own training camp during “Kick-off Week". Each year, the athletic trainers of ATI Physical Therapy dedicate an entire week to continuing education, refreshing their medical skills and learning the most recent advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

Over 275 athletic trainers attend the week-long program covering hot topics in the field of sports medicine including concussion, emergency response, acute injuries and injury rehabilitation.

A highlight of the week is the hands-on “In 2 minutes or Less!” Sports Emergency Care Training presented by Sports Medicine Concepts, Inc. This interactive sports emergency management program prepares athletic trainers to react flawlessly during sports’ worst moments. In simulated true-to life conditions, participants will perform emergency care techniques without causing secondary injury to a potentially critically injured athlete, including repositioning, stabilization, transfer and preparation for transport.

“Our Kick-off Week is one of the most important events we host each year, reinforcing our commitment to our affiliates, our athletes and our sports medicine team,” said Jason Pequette, Senior Director of Sports Medicine at ATI Physical Therapy. “Each time one of our athletic trainers step onto the field, we want to make sure they are fully prepared. Our week-long educational event helps to ensure our staff is given the knowledge and training they need to respond appropriately to emergencies on the field and provide the highest level of care for our athletes.”

ATI Physical Therapy’s athletic trainers are certified healthcare professionals who work with athletes at all levels of their sports. Athletic trainers are specialists in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. In addition to being present at games and practices to treat acute injuries, athletic trainers work closely with players and coaches to improve the overall health of athletes and prevent future injuries.

As one of the largest employers of certified athletic trainers, ATI Physical Therapy has over 250 sports medicine affiliations with professional, collegiate, high school and club sport athletic programs, including affiliates such as the Chicago Cubs, Detroit Lions and the Milwaukee Bucks.

ATI athletic trainers understand the complexities of high–level functional rehabilitation, the athlete’s expectation for a quick return to play, and the issues that face the family, the player, and the coaching staff. They understand the psychological impact of being injured and utilize all available resources to ensure that athletes of all levels are able to safely compete at their competitive best and return to play within the shortest time frame possible. 


For more information about ATI Sports Medicine, please visit atipt.com/sports-therapy.

For more information on “In 2 minutes or Less!”, please visit sportsmedicineconcepts.com/on-site-training.