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Knee, Back and Neck Pain the Focus of ATI Physical Therapy’s GET THERE Blog - March Recap

From your neck to your knees, the ATI Physical Therapy GET THERE Blog, has got you covered with information about "turtling" to the latest research on meniscal tears.   Here is a review of blog posts from March 2013.  Please contact ATI Media Relations at 630-296-2222 x7158 for interviews on these subjects.

Meniscal Tear: Physical Therapy vs. Surgery
A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that physical therapy is a good first choice for meniscal tears. Dennis Carter, MPT, clinic director at ATI Naperville South, explains the role of physical therapy in treating this particular type of knee pain.  

ACL Injury Prevention: Save Those Knees
Did you know physical therapy is an effective way to prevent knee injuries? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Brad Trompeter, a physical therapist at our Willowbrook, IL clinic, offers advice on proper jump training to minimize risk of ACL injury.

Oh My Aching Back! Treatment of Low Back Pain with Physical Therapy
Low back pain is one of the most common injuries treated by physical therapists. Jason Meyer, DPT, clinic director, ATI Physical Therapy Mooney Drive, describes how physical therapy can help those who suffer from lower back pain.

Your Eyesight May Be to Blame for your Neck Pain
Do you ever find yourself craning your neck to see your computer screen? Kristin Geary, MS, ATC/L, a Certified Early Intervention Specialist with ATI Worksite Solutions, offers some tips to combat "turtling," the forward head posture and slumped spine that is the common posture in offices today. 

Score Big This Season with Soccer Strengthening Moves
To do all of the sprinting, dribbling, passing, shooting, jumping, backwards jogging, and diving associated with soccer, players must be physically versatile. Mike Piercey, a physical therapist at our Smyrna, DE clinic, focuses on five strengthening moves soccer players should perform. 

Concussion Management – Top of Mind with ATI Sports Medicine
The American Academy of Neurology released new guidelines for managing concussions in athletes. ATI Sports Medicine Midwest Director Katie Varnado discusses the guidelines and how ATI Athletic Trainers respond to potential concussions in athletes.

Athletic Trainer vs. Trainer - What's the Difference?
Often times, people confuse the professions of athletic training and personal training, but there is a difference. March is National Athletic Training Month, a good time to learn more about the role of athletic trainers.

Catherine’s “Get There” Story
She may not have a mailbox there yet, but Catherine Forehand says she “sort of lives” at ATI Physical Therapy in Essex, MD. And according to Catherine it’s a pretty good place to live. Learn more in Catherine’s GET THERE feature.

Jack and Emily – Working Together to GET THERE
When Jack Dibble, a sophomore at Coal City High School in Illinois, suffered an ACL injury during a varsity football game he didn’t get the finish the season.  See how just five months later, with the help of ATI and his athletic trainer, Jack is looking to make the State Track finals with his relay team.

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