17:00 PM

Metal Walk & Fun Run | Delaware and Indiana


The ATI Foundation is excited to announce regional dates for its upcoming Metal Walk & Fun Run. The Foundation will host three separate events this year:

The dual event, sponsored by Loberg Construction and Advanced Rehabilitation Systems, will raise funds for local children with physical impairments and will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and participants will enjoy a scenic route followed by food, entertainment, kids’ activities and prizes!  Presentations to local ATI Foundation beneficiaries will add to the celebration for all in attendance.

Metal Walk
The Metal Walk portion of the event honors a unique population of patients who have overcome the challenge of joint replacement or other orthopedic implant. Metal Walkers are not only the recipients, but also support teams of friends and family members who walk with them. Participants will enjoy a 1K or 5K route with a celebration at the finish line.

Fun Run
The Fun Run is a 5K open to all competitive runners, leisurely joggers and walkers of all levels. Participants can run, jog, walk, wheelchair, ride arm-bikes, etc. A celebration will welcome participants at the finish line.
Proceeds from the Metal Walk & Fun Run benefit the ATI Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping children with physical impairments in need of medical and financial resources. 

Registration and event information updates will be posted on ATI Physical Therapy’s Facebook and Twitter pages, plus on the ATI Foundation’s webpage at ATIFoundation.com. Please contact Terry Williams, Director of ATI Foundation, at terry.williams@atipt.com for more information.