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Running, Walking & Rolling: The Get There Blog Recap

The ATI Physical Therapy Get There blog leaned toward posts on running, walking and rolling in May (to get ready for the ATI Foundation Metal Walk and 5K), but also featured some great posts on Osteoporosis, Pelvic Health and much more. If you missed any of the May 2013 posts, here is a quick recap.

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Get Back to Life After Joint Replacement
Contemplating a new knee, hip, or shoulder to overcome pain and disability? Surgery may not be the first step. See why physical therapy before and after surgery is crucial to a full recovery.

Metal Walk: On the Road Again!
Imagine staring up a flight of stairs and dreading the trek to the top. That's what life was like for John Shimkus. His years as a high school athlete plus decades of bowling, golf and living a very active life with kids and grandkids had taken a toll on John's knee. See how ATI got this joint replacement patient back on the road again.

10 Tips for Buying Running Shoes
Is it time for a new pair of running shoes? Check out these Top 10 buying tips courtesy of Jackie Skrobot, an athletic trainer at ATI Bourbonnais Mooney Drive, that are especially helpful for newer runners.

Ready to Play in the Mud?
Planning to channel your inner child and run in the mud this season? While a "Mud Run" can be a lot of fun, it is also a strenuous workout. Before you get too dirty, check out these Top 5 Mud Run tips from Katie Neier, physical therapist at ATI Willowbrook.

Celebrating Movement at the Metal Walk
Meet Samanta Garcia, the honorary beneficiary for the ATI Foundation’s Annual Metal Walk. After a near fatal accident, Samantha sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Still Dancing: Metal Walk Beneficiary Celebrates Her Triumph
Last April, Shorewood teenager Megan Grygiel , a cancer patient who underwent a knee and partial femur replacement, led the Inaugural Metal Walk. We catch up with her a year later to see how she is doing.

Shin Splints: Prevention and Treatment
Whether a sprinter, jumper, hurdler or long distance runner, track and field athletes are all at risk for the same common injuries if they aren’t careful. Among the most common overuse injuries is the frustrating and painful case of shin splints. Kristin Schmidt, physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy’s New Berlin, WI location provides prevention and treatment tips.

Tips for Safe Cycling
Regardless of your age or fitness level, cycling is a great activity and a healthy way to travel, benefiting your heart, muscles and metabolism. Oil up those gears and get back on the roadways and trails with these tips for safe cycling courtesy of Brad Isaac, regional director of ATI Hilliard, Ohio.

Four ways to find the right bike fit
Kevin Calvey, physical therapist at ATI Middletown, DE provides four ways to find the correctly sized bike frame.

Who Needs a Car When You Can Ride a Bike?
Joe Ortigara, physical therapist at ATI’s Tinley Park, IL, location encourages you to take your bike to work. He does every day.

Shaping Up for Summer
Swimsuit season is here. Halid Shokunbi, DPT, a physical therapist at ATI Bourbonnais Mooney Drive, and the winner of the 2012 BodyBuilding.com Optimum Nutrition $100,000 Transformation Challenge, offers expert tips to reduce calories.

Increasing Awareness about Physical Therapy Specifically for Women
When you think of physical therapy, you probably think about how it helps knees, backs, hips, and ankles, but do the words bladder, pregnancy or painful intercourse come to mind? They should.

Physical Therapy Plays Important Role in Osteoporosis Treatment
Did you know physical therapy can be a viable treatment option for osteoporosis? Cecile Gibbs, a physical therapist at ATI’s Elkton, MD, clinic explains why.

Simple Stretches for the Mom-to-Be
Are you preparing for the birth of your new bundle of joy? Don't forget to prepare your own body for a healthy delivery. Our ATI Women's Health experts bring you simple stretches expecting moms can do to ease the aches that come along with pregnancy.

Dynamic Stretching Key to Dynamic Performance in Lacrosse
Lacrosse is known as the "fastest game on two feet." Katie Palmer, ATI athletic trainer for Dover High School, explains why players need to be at peak physical condition throughout the season and off-season.

Get Your Life Back in Balance with Vestibular Rehabilitation
If you experience disorientation after moving your head, bending down, lying in bed, or sitting down, then you may have a balance disorder that can be treated through vestibular rehabilitation. Tracy Wiebking, a physical therapist at ATI’s Bear, DE clinic, discusses symptoms and treatment.

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