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Thumbs Up to Enjoying a Safe and Pain Free Spring: The GET THERE Blog April Recap

Getting outside and safely enjoying spring activities was just one of the themes of the ATI GET THERE blog in April as we discussed gardening, baseball, and running.  We also celebrated Occupational Therapy Month with several features on hand and upper extremity care, and encouraged folks to take a break.

Here is a review of blog posts from April 2013.  Please contact ATI Media Relations at 630-296-2222 x7158 for interviews on these subjects.

Brian's GET THERE Story
In desperate need of a liver transplant, Brian Oswald will be the first to admit he was “on death’s doorstep” in November 2012. See how ATI helped Brian complete a 5K just months after surgery.

Thumbs Up to Gardening
Don't let an arthritic thumb keep you from exercising your green thumb this season. Beth Warkentien, an Occupational Therapist at ATI Merrillville (84th Dr.), offers a few tips on how folks with arthritis can continue to enjoy gardening.

Sushi Chef on a Roll!
If you’ve ever watched a chef at a Japanese restaurant prepare sushi, then you would probably agree it’s not just a skill, but an art form. Now, imagine your sushi chef with an injured hand . . . no sushi for you! See how ATI Hand Therapy helped this chef get rolling again.

Hand Therapy: Myths and Truths
Physical therapists help restore many parts of the body  – knees, backs, ankles, hips, and much more. But, nothing may be more important than restoring someone’s hand. Lydia Hohman, a certified hand therapist at ATI Severna Park, explains how hand therapy can help people get back to living.

Take a Break
Whether you're training for a marathon or hitting the gym regularly to lose some weight, you need a day off. It may sound counterintuitive, but rest days are just as important as the days you work out. Ben Welker, an athletic trainer with ATI Sports Medicine, gives us the low-down on recovery days.

Play Ball....Play Safe!
Take steps to keep yourself or your little ball player off the "DL" this season. Nate Whitney, physical therapist at ATI Homer Glen, takes a look at common causes of baseball injuries and offers prevention tips. And Keith Tesch, sports performance specialist, provides an in-season conditioning program.

RJ's GET THERE story
On a cold February day, RJ, a truck driver and father of two, reached up to pull open the clamp that holds the tailgate of his semi-truck shut. What happened next could have changed his life forever. See how ATI Hand Therapy helped this trucker on his road to recovery.

Get Some Spring in Your Step: Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Running
Now that warmer weather has arrived, treadmill runners are hitting the pavement for some long awaited outdoor runs.  Dan Greenhill, MPT, Regional Director, ATI Physical Therapy in Merrillville, Indiana provided some tips for making the transition from treadmill running to running on pavement.

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