17:00 PM

Winners Announced for Annual Get Fit Raffle!

The ATI Foundation raised a record-breaking $154,920 in this year's Get Fit Raffle! Thanks to everyone who sold and purchased tickets.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

$10,000 Cash Grand Prize

Christine DeAngelis

 Personal Trainer for a Year

Tracy Kochey


Delma Chavez

 1 Year Health Club Membership

Nathan Carroll, Rose Freece, Emily Winoweicki


First State Orthopaedics

 VitaMix 7500

Joselyn Armstead, Justin Hollander


Justin Hollander, Mary Goldrick, Ashley Acherson, Marlene Borden, Danielle Zielinski

 Ninja Kitchen System

Stephanie Wade


Holly Itricia


Carol Jones, Ken Pennington, Granite Telecommunications, Anthony Viglielmo, D. Ashdown, Kathy Burtman, Heather Chucta, Laura Egatz , Macy Frampton, Matt Holton

 $100 Gift Card to Whole Foods Market

Mary Dempsey, Sabrina Griffith, Patricia Keys, Darci Milbrath, Bryan O’ Neil, Israel Rose, Kelly Sanders, Laura Surprenant, Trish Tudon, Amy Ward