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Workers’ Compensation Book by ATI Physical Therapy Offers Unique Collection of Diverse Perspectives

All Royalties to Benefit the ATI Foundation Devoted to Funding Healthcare for Needy Children

Experts at ATI Physical Therapy have authored a new book that is a must-have for anyone involved in workers’ compensation. “Current Perspectives in Clinical and Management in Workers’ Compensation Cases”, edited by Chris E. Stout, Matt Kruger and Jeff Rogers, is one of the most comprehensive books on workers’ compensation available, offering a truly unique collection of diverse perspectives by clinicians, attorneys, academia and opinion leaders.

With topics ranging from ‘evidence-based medicine’ to ‘closing nightmare claims’, this book offers the full depth and texture of what it is like to work with injured workers from every perspective. It points toward designing a better health care system with a focus on the economy, healthcare policy and change, and growing innovation in medical practice.

“Workers’ compensation is problematic and controversial world-wide. We recognize the differences of opinion and our book reflects that. It is the first time such a prestigious group of people with diverse perspectives has come together in one book,” said co-author Chris E. Stout, PsyD, director of research and development, ATI Physical Therapy.

Contributing authors include Richard W. Lenkov, president of the National Workers’ Compensation Coalition; Joseph Paduda, author of the popular blog “Managed Care Matters”; Peter Rousmaniere, columnist for “Risk & Insurance Magazine”; former state prosecutor Robert M. Aurbach, CEO of Uncommon Approach, Inc.; and researchers from the Workers Compensation Research Institute.

“Everyone seems to agree that the Workers Compensation system in the U.S. is broken, but all sides argue over the reasons why.  We founded ATI on the premise of returning injured workers back to work, but have found throughout the years that perspectives & incentives in a Workers Compensation case vary widely depending upon whom you are interacting with – MDs, Insurance representatives, employers, and even the patient themselves,” said Matt Kruger, founding member of ATI Physical Therapy. “The goal of the book was to shed some light on the different perspectives & opinions by a well-rounded group of experts within the Workers Compensation field, and to provide a glimpse of how hard it can be to navigate these waters to obtain a good outcome, which all parties agree is a healthy return-to-work.” 

The first half of the book offers a historical look at what has not worked for the past 60 years, examines the current state of workers’ compensation, and looks to the future. The authors tackle the question of why workers’ compensation is not reimbursed at the same rate as group insurance and delve into the ethical challenges of working with workers’ compensation patients.

Additional chapter topics include methods for applying evidenced-based medicine to workers’ compensation cases and a discussion of various co-morbidities or pre-existing health conditions that may negatively impact injured workers’ abilities to gain appropriate rehabilitative milestones.

The book also includes results from a new, online survey that is a bit unique in its scope and design that canvassed all providers involved in workers’ compensation cases. The survey’s anonymity fostered very frank responses, many of which are very eye opening.

The invited specialty chapters include an examination of how the adversarial process of dispute resolution in workers’ compensation claims creates significant costs and delays for all parties; strategies to close the proverbial “nightmare claim”; and a discussion on persistent problems in clinical practice.

Additional topics include performance-based payments, advances in laser therapy for the treatment of work related injuries, and a study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute that focuses on how medical practice patterns vary for low back conditions.

“ATI was founded based on its success of getting the injured worker back to work. We are proud the book emulates the ATI commitment to providing the highest quality care by identifying problems, finding solutions, and considering different perspectives,” said Jeff Rogers, director of workers’ compensation, ATI Physical Therapy.

All royalties for this book will go to the ATI Foundation devoted to funding healthcare for needy children. The book is published by Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. and is available online at http://tinyurl.com/ATIWCBook.